Building Positive, Sustainable Communities!

Posted: April 4, 2013


This is our brand new Go Buy Local Blog, where we’re dedicated to sharing positive information about creating sustainable communities! We have a saying at Go Buy Local that goes, “show locals some love” and that’s exactly what we want you to feel when you visit this blog. We’re dedicated to supporting buy local initiatives and the people that believe in “buy local. give local.” as much as we do!

Strengthening local business with sustainable tactics and practices is key to the vitality of your community. Need proof? For every $100 dollars spent at local businesses, 68 percent is reinvested within your community…and speaking of sustainability, did you know that 70 percent of all new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses?

A Mission of Sustainability

We created this blog, because of our dedication to community sustainability. The mission of the Go Buy Local Blog is to provide you with content that encourages a holistic approach to sustainability within your community. This includes best practices, community spotlights and, of course, success stories on individual and group contributions to sustainable community development.

We want to be your go-to source for sharing information on sustainability in communities where we operate!

What Matters to You…

…also matters to us! How your consumers, local business, the environment and social values all work together to create a sustainable community is extremely important. This blog will identify ways that we all do or will contribute to building sustainability in your community.

Who We Are

We eat, sleep and breathe the issues pertaining to community sustainability, and are excited to share our passion with you! In the meantime, let’s get the conversation going – what does community sustainability mean to you? Feel free to leave a comment on our message board…we also invite you to visit our Go Buy Local Website to learn more about what we do!