Keep Connected in Your Community with These 5 Tips for Your Business Website

Posted: April 11, 2013

Here’s something that might come as a surprise…according to the U.S. Census Bureau, less than one-quarter of businesses don’t have a website! If you’re part of the minority that does not have a live website, it is a really great way connected and build meaningful relationships with your consumers and community.

There is also the intrinsic environmental value that contributes to your community’s sustainability. Think about it – having an online presence for your local business actually cuts your carbon footprint by cutting down on printing costs for your business.

How can we help you? Each Go Buy Local business partner is given a local listing with a searchable URL that can be used as their website. For businesses that do have an existing website, a second linked listing from the Go Buy Local platform improves search engine optimization (SEO).

So, you're thinking about  starting a business website…here’s some tips to keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more!

1. Create inspired branding

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Think about this – for your online audience, your website represents the quality and integrity of your business. Take into account that research has shown that it takes a fraction of a second for visitors to formulate a first impression on what they are seeing.

A well-designed website will successfully articulate the quality of your business to a potential or existing customer. Each of our partners benefit from the  Go Buy Local website which features intuitive navigation and responsive design.

Additionally, on the Go Buy Local platform, your listing features deals, business info, products and services, location details, and map finder…all the key ingredients you need to be both found and visited!

2. Keep your content fresh

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Simply put, creating new content and refreshing existing information will keep your audience coming back for more and the buzz alive! Be relevant and precise. Remember, it’s not quantity of web pages, it’s the quality of content!

With Go Buy Local, Our local business partners can change their local listing and deal any time by logging into their account.

3. Use simple navigation and layout

Keep your website user friendly and they’ll stick around longer! Make sure your platform facilitates clean, consistent navigation that with a clean layout. You want all your customers to feel welcome and not overwhelmed, so take that mentality online!

Keep navigation intuitive. Include links within website content when applicable. More importantly, ensure the links are very relevant to your content and provide the user with what they expect.


Go Buy Local utilizes the latest in technology to deliver your community’s buy local program, using a secure, private cloud and state-of-the-art responsive design.

We deliver your community’s image, local business listings, events and deals to pc’s, tablets, and mobile devices…users will feel right at home learning about your business.

4. Build community

The idea of your website is to create community, so encourage feedback and conversation!


And get social. Most social media platforms come free of charge. If you haven’t already, utilize Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to promote your business and website. With Go Buy Local, that’s what we do for you multiple times a month on active social media communities.

We make buying and living local easy for residents and visitors, consumers can find deals at Go Buy Local whether they are searching online, email, mobile, in print or social media channels

5. Email, email, email!

Email is still the best direct contact with your consumers. Engage them effectively with these two pieces of advice –

Be responsive. Everyone appreciates quick email responses, and they will go a long way to build your website’s and your business’ reputation.  Also remember to send meaningful info when you email, because time is important!

We make it simple for our local business partners to connect to local residents and visitors. We create, launch and track email marketing to local opt in email subscribers to spread the word about our local business partner’s products, services, events and deals.

In closing, remember that your site is a representation of your business. Your domain is one of the first and foremost places potential and existing customers will create their impression of you. Fortunately, as the website owner, you are in the perfect position to shape that perception, so make it count!