The Beauty of Bosshood!

Posted: May 16, 2013

No question about it: Small business is the backbone of your community. They create jobs for fellow residents, keep money local and – perhaps most importantly – add to the vibrant personality of your town!

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…That said, have you ever had the itch to try starting you own?

Being an entrepreneur behind a small business certainly has its advantages. From earning potential and flexibility to independence and stoking a competitive spirit, being your own boss combines the intrigue of the unknown with the excitement of limitless growth. In fact, a lot of the famous storefronts and products we know and love (source: Business Pundit) started out as just an impassioned idea supported by a little start-up cash!

But, if being a small business owner, entrepreneur or even franchisee was an easy, guaranteed success, anyone with an ounce of drive would be opening up shop! Head to the heart of any downtown across the country and you’ll hear the same thing – the American Dream requires a solid concept, hard work, engaged customers…and maybe even a touch of luck.

Get Your Voice Heard

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So, you’ve realized your idea and – literally – opened up shop; congrats, but what’s next? There’s the old adage, that if a tree falls in the forest…you know how the rest goes. The same concept applies to a new business – starting one is good, but getting buzz around your brand and products, even better!

With almost every fledgling company, marketing dollars can be tight (but that’s ok). For starters, there are several low-cost options on the table for small businesses to leverage, starting with social media. Additionally, along with advertising six additional ways from direct mail to email, Go Buy Local promotes their business partners across a robust social media network that reaches thousands of consumers in communities like yours on a daily basis.

Offer an Incentive to Buy Local

For the most part, people want to shop at local businesses because, in a nutshell, it makes them feel good! All they need is a reason to come visit you…in other words, give them an “invitation” to get them through your door.

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With Go Buy Local, you have the opportunity to not only introduce your business to the community, but provide an exclusive deal that can be used in-store to help create a loyal customer base. Additionally, by offering a “deal with a heart,” you directly contribute to the goodwill of the town by supporting the schools and causes vital to building sustainability!

Start Your Own Buy Local Initiative

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean necessarily having to start from scratch. In fact, as a Go Buy Local Community Leader, you can become the champion of sustainability in your community! Take the initiative to work with local businesses and help them “level the playing field” with proprietary turn-key services from Go Buy Local.

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On the forefront of your community’s buy local initiative, you can directly contribute to the social well-being of your community by promoting events and working with nonprofits on ways to build awareness (and donations). Learn more and get started today by clicking here…welcome to entrepreneurship!