Building Community from the Field to the Fork with Farmers’ Markets!

Posted: May 31, 2013

Spring is officially in full-swing, which means one thing – farmers’ markets are starting to pop-up in communities like yours all across the country! And, if you’re a champion of buying local, there is almost no better way that you can very directly contribute to community sustainability.

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Very similar to the way Go Buy Local supports the “triple bottom line” of a truly sustainable community, farmers’ markets create a model in which the consumer, local grower or producer (the “farmer” in farmers’ market, if you will) and community as a whole not only contribute, but mutually benefit when all three parts come together…truly a win, win, win for everybody!

The Consumer Wins


A trip to the farmers’ market isn’t just any trip to the market, and that’s a good thing! For starters, along with picking up the necessities like fresher, seasonal foods and products at a wider variety, it’s a great place to run into your neighbor or that friend you haven’t seen in a while…plus, you get to shop outside on a lovely day.

And just like Go Buy Local partners offer local deals, consumers save at the farmers’ market on everything from cost (consumers save 91 percent of the time over shopping “indoors”) to saving on fuel. The reason? The middle man and travel costs are all but eliminated.

Local Growers and Producers Win

For the most part, local growers and producers are always looking for new ways to give back to the community and increase their own visibility, but they also reap other rewards selling there.

With direct access to the consumer at a farmers’ market on a weekly basis (if not a couple times a week), several cost factors – from refrigeration to less handling – are lessened or eliminated. Perhaps as importantly, there is the immediate satisfaction of seeing final end-eater up front and personal!

The Community Wins

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Just as Go Buy Local empowers communities with services to build holistic sustainability, farmers’ markets are essentially a buy local “one-stop shop” that brings all the aspects of a community together. As the growers and producers come into urban areas from rural areas, a civic engagement occurs that otherwise would have no reason to exist!

And the money stays, which, if you read this, is crucial to the vitality of your town, city, or wherever you call home. In fact, according to Home Grown: The Case for Local Food in a Global Market, 90 percent of money exchanged at an average farmers’ market stays in the community.

Find and Support Your Local Growers!

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If you’re excited about your next – or first – trip to the farmers’ market as a vendor or visitor, get ready to do good for your community…and feel good with products that are “from the farm to the fork”! Not sure where to find a farmers’ market in your area? Go Buy Local has you covered!  Click this link for locations and you’ll also find more information on the impact of “buying locally grown,” along with our local growing partners, what they are doing to promote sustainability and what you can do to support them!