Cause Marketing 101: 3 Steps to Getting Brand Love For Your Business

Posted: June 13, 2013

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In last week’s Go Buy Local Blog post, we talked about the significance of cause marketing, the importance of creating brand love and some ways to achieve that brand love through cause marketing.

We are pretty confident that cause marketing works well from a very organic, grassroots level all the way to major event sponsorships. In this week’s entry, we will offer three additional ways to really get that brand love for startup businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies that work…and work well.

Identify causes close to you and your business.

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Chances are your customers, patients or clients choose to visit your business for a specific reason. They go to the dentist because they care about their teeth and oral health, a fashion boutique might be geared toward causes that support women in need or a daycare would possibly champion local schools.

Being able to find a cause marketing partner that supports these mutual interests is almost a surefire way to develop brand love (a recent survey from the publication Fast Company touted that 92 percent of women buy products that support causes). However, if your business attracts a larger demographic of customers or if you’re more inclined to show love to your community across the board, Go Buy Local offers Deals+Donations, a service that allows you to exclusively support local nonprofits.

Build sustainable community buzz.


Sponsorship is a great way to create an impactful statement for your business, but it also comes with its challenges and limitations. Namely, it’s a “one-off” style of promotion that tends to err on the pricier side.

If your business is sponsoring local causes and schools, that’s great (every big and little bit matter). However, you can still utilize sponsorship with leverage less expensive, longer lasting promotion. With MAX eCards, you are able to support and sustain local schools and causes with a deal that empowers your business using evergreen (in other words, year-round) promotion!

Give with your “heart.”

In our blog posts focusing on sustainability, we discussed the importance – and desire – for local business owners to be an integral part of strengthening the community. Figuratively speaking, small companies and entrepreneurs have been “pouring” their hearts into improving the vitality of their communities since America was founded (according to the 2012 United States Census Bureau, more than 99 percent of employer companies). Along with creating robust work forces, small business can also give “with a heart” to local schools and causes and contribute to the community’s bottom line…and, with Deals+Donations and MAX, all donations and funds raised stay in your town!

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For more information on ways you can contribute to the sustainability of your community through cause marketing – and get on your way to building a brand lovefest – please visit Go Buy Local. While you’re there, learn how we’ve already generated more than $100,000 to schools and causes in communities like yours!