Community Sustainability: How to Make a Difference Today!

Posted: June 27, 2013

What’s one of the greatest things about sustainability in action? Watching a better town start from an idea into full-blown activism by the whole community! Throughout the Go Buy Local Blog, we’ve talked about ways businesses can help contribute to building better communities with buy local initiatives and incentives.


But what can a sole individual do to help impact change immediately in their community?

Well, getting involved is easier than you think, ways to get involved are all around us. If you’re ready to get started , here are some great ways to make a difference in your town…and trust us, you’ll feel good doing it.

Support Your Farmers Market

In many communities, the farmers market not only symbolizes the beginning of summer, but it is far and away one of the best ways you can promote local sustainability. From perusing the freshly picked produce to hand-crafted merchandise from local growers and vendors, a stroll through the market offers an experience unlike anything at the big box grocer or shopping online. And, did you know you will save 91 percent of the time when you choose the farmers’ market over the “indoors”?

farmers market.png

For the most part, your local farmers’ market is open for business on the weekend, for your convenience. Not sure where to look for yours? Try either a simple phrase on your favorite online search engine or better yet, check out Go Buy Local’s locally grown partners here!


Get Involved in Schools and Causes

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The path to sustainability encompasses more than just supporting buy local initiatives and loving your local businesses. In previous entries, we discussed the importance of the “triple bottom line” and the social elements of a truly sustainable community. This means also supporting programs that promote the growth and livelihood or your town, including our most important resource: education.

Go Buy Local innovates for good. We’ve invented the easiest way for schools and causes to raise money with Deals+Donations and MAX while supporting the local business community...we call it what it is- a win, win, win for the whole community! 

Keep Business Local

 The numbers don’t lie: When dollars are spent local, 68 percent of it stays in the community. It goes beyond just supporting the franchisee or entrepreneur whose business you’re shopping at. Your purchasing power also helps fellow residents that are working there, the local producers providing products you buy, and so on. Supporting local business image.

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What does “buy local” actually mean, you ask? Ask five different people and you might get five completely different answers, but a good place to start is with local “brick and mortar” businesses (meaning they actually have a presence in your community).



Get Involved!

Say you’re a champion of your local community sustainability movement, but are looking for a way to be involved nationally…as you always hear, “write congress”! More than just a two-word phrase, you can actually show your support for the newly-introduced Social Enterprise & Ecosystem Development Act (SEEED Act). How to make a difference image.

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Simply follow this link and take five minutes to find your representative and tell them why community sustainability is important to you and all of us. Change can start with you!




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