Breaking Through the Business Clutter

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Every year, thousands of people have a vision of their dream business; and every year thousands of these businesses open. Owning your own business is one of the most rewarding and exciting things a person can do, and also the most stressful! Running your own business is far from easy: it takes sweat, time and love to make it grow, and sometimes maybe even a little luck! However, there are a few tips and tricks that every small business can do to help their future success!

Here are 3 tips that successful companies are doing and easy for every small business to do. These ideas are simple and will really help your business break through the clutter!

1. Find a marketplace hole and fill it

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish we had this type of store here”? Well, so have many other people in the neighborhood, so why not build the thing people are asking for? Customers will flock to your store because you’re the only one of its kind in the area! By creating a business where you have no direct competitors, customers will automatically come to you to fill those needs and you can create a little bit of customer loyalty. Filling this hole also allows your business to be the market leader in your community. 

This might be the simplest thing one can do as a business owner: make a company people need or want!

2. Don’t be everything to everybody


Everybody wants to draw in the most customers possible, but you shouldn’t do it by making your business a little bit of everything. You started a business to show your talents, so let what you’re good at shine! When a company starts to stand for too many things, it stands for nothing. Simple is often better and it allows your business to be more focused and specialized on your talents! By focusing on these talents, your business will be more successful and you’ll be happier because you do what you love every day.

3. Give your business a claim to fame

Remember that time you ate at the place with the 5th greatest pizza in the city? Didn’t think so. By giving your business a claim to fame, people will remember you for it and tell their friends they were there. It’s also a super easy way to get free press! How nice is that?

Not sure how to get this fame? It’s easier than you would think!

Host a competition- This is a great option because it draws people to your location. People come from all over to see the competition you hold. This competition should be relevant to your business; a cook off or eating contest for a restaurant, an art competition for a crafts store, or tournament for a sports bar. Competitions give your brand a personality and bring people close together.

Break a record- This is some of the best PR your business could receive. Records bring members of the community, the press and anybody that’s curious. Again, this record should be relevant to your business. It’s not easy, but your business can always say you were a world record holder!

Compete in a city wide contest- Contests allow businesses to get their names out in the community. It lets you show off your skill and will get you a ton of publicity and advertising! Sort of like the record, you can say you were voted the best!

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Having a successful business is every business owner’s goal and we here at Go Buy Local are dedicated to helping out the local businesses of a community. We’re here to help businesses master social media, get PR that will stand out and bring in more business while doing good by the community. With these simple steps, you can be well on your way to setting yourself up for success!