Community Gardens Bring the Community Together

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Have you joined the urban gardening boom? Just because you live in an urban area doesn't mean you can’t enjoy gardening according to Nicki Oswald, owner of  Nicki's Blooms in Minnesota's Twin Cities.  "It's easier than you think to grow your own vegetables.  A few hours of sun, water, weeding and some love is all you need to grow fresh food that you can be proud of!"  Get out your green thumb – and a shovel – we’re here to let you in on the freshest trends in community gardening!  

Make An Impact:  Ever wonder how sustainable your corner of the world is? Community gardens give your neighborhood access to fresh produce and plants while making a positive impact right in your “own backyard.”  Having a community garden symbolizes a healthy and happy neighborhood, one that residents would like to live in. Growing your produce in your own backyard can also help cut down on transportation pollution!

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Meet Your Neighbors:  Do you know your neighbors?  Vacant lots across the nation have been turned into mini farms so that concrete-bound residents have their own plot to dig in.  Joining a community garden near you is an excellent way to meet your neighbors.  Fellow neighbors and friends work together with a common goal and take pride in the outcome of the harvest each year.  You can even sell your produce at the local farmers market – how great is that!

Community gardeners have been watching over the flowers, tomatoes, greens and berries since the spring thaw and are ready for you to get your “hands dirty” – here’s why!

Joining a Garden:  No room to grow your own? Joining a community garden can be just as rewarding as starting one - and it comes with a few less challenges.  Jumping on the gardening bandwagon could be your ticket to learning how to grow fruits and veggies, getting outdoors, and eating fresh, organic produce—plus it’s good for your health. Some gardens have restrictions on what can be grown, so if you have specific plants in mind, be sure to look ahead of time so you’re not disappointed.  It's time to get your hands dirty, find a local community garden today! 

Starting Your Own Garden: Starting your own community garden is not without its challenges, but it can be so rewarding to do.

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Running your own garden gives you the most control - you can make your gardening dreams come true!  Get a group of friends together, you can all serve as the gardening board and plan how you want it set up, it’s personalized to you. Check out the American Community Gardeners Association "10 Steps to Starting a Community Garden" to get started today!

At Go Buy Local, we strongly support locally grown farmers next time you eat a veggie, ask yourself, “Could I have grown this myself?”  Want your community garden on Go Buy Local? It's FREE, just contact us!