Social Gifting for the New Year

The New Year is here, and Go Buy Local ( introduces a simple new way for businesses and customers to give back to their community while shopping – Social Gifting! Go Buy Local (GBL), a Minneapolis based company, created Social Gifting to enable local businesses to offer both a deal and a donation to their customers when they make a purchase. You can use it this New Year, and all year round!

Go Buy Local is a social entrepreneurial company whose mission is to support sustainable communities with Social Gifting, to engage local shopping and raise money for local schools and causes. “Today’s customers prefer to shop with a purpose. So, we invented Social Gifting to reward local shopping with both a deal for the customer and a donation to their favorite school or cause.” states Bill Veeneman, Founder and CEO of GBL.

Volunteer time is precious; GBL reduces the workload. The only thing customers have to do is use the GBL deals to earn donations for their favorite school or cause. GBL’s completely transparent platform empowers both customers and businesses to keep track of deals used and donations earned, all in real-time.  It also tracks the total donations earned for each school or cause and how close they are to achieving their fundraising goal. GBL makes sure the money is collected and 100% of it gets to the school or cause.

To earn donations with Social Gifting customers can simply:           

  • Sign up, pick and choose the school or cause they love to earn donations for
  • Have immediate access to unlimited deals available within the participating communities
  • Track and share in real-time donations earned for their favorite school or cause  

With Social Gifting businesses who advertise with GBL can:

  • Offer the customer both a deal and a donation to reward them for their patronage when their customer brings in the deal in print, or on their phone, or tablet.
  • Verify and track their deals and where the donations that GBL collects from them will be sent (businesses can use the GBL MyBusinesss app to approve deals used in real-time)
  • Build loyalty and recognition by supporting all of their community’s schools and causes

It’s easy for schools and causes to raise money with Social Gifting:

  • Sign up to add their school or cause for customers to choose from
  • Have access to an online Social Gifting tool kit filled with promotional materials
  • Track and share their donations earned with their supporters in real-time

GBL started four years ago in the eastern suburbs and has expanded to serve the Twin Cities, Rochester and Western Wisconsin with a total of 25 communities, 950 local businesses, and 550 local schools and causes. In just the past few months, since Go Buy Local introduced Social Gifting, local schools and causes have begun earning thousands of dollars! “We were thrilled and honored to receive this wonderful donation, and we really appreciate your support of our work on behalf of homeless animals,” says Judy Webster for St. Croix Animal Friends. (see more testimonials)

It’s easy to do! Customers can earn from fifty cents to one hundred dollars just by patronizing local businesses. From restaurants, to groceries, to health care and fitness, GBL businesses support their favorite school or cause.

In addition to Social Gifting, GBL drives sustainability by exclusively promoting brick and mortar businesses in each community with an integrated, omni-channel platform that includes online, email, and social media. To further its mission, GBL has proudly partnered with local media companies including ECM Publishers and Minnesota Public Radio, which embrace supporting local communities through Social Gifting