It's Earth Day - Bring The Farm To Your Fork!

Spring is officially in full-swing and Earth Day is here, which means one thing - farmers' markets are starting to pop-up in communities like yours all across the country! And, if you're a champion of buying local and being "green", there is almost no better way that you can very directly contribute to community sustainability.

We're a social entrepreneurial company, and it's Go Buy Local's mission to support sustainable communities by engaging locals, like you, to buy locally grown fresh from nearby farmers' markets. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee, a fresh pastry, and walk thru your local market. Meet the folks that grow the food, pick the flowers, and prepare their wares for the market - they eagerly await meeting you!

Fresh From Your Neighbor

You could save 91% of the time shopping local markets over shopping "indoors"!

You could save 91% of the time shopping local markets over shopping "indoors"!

From apples to zucchini, and everything in between, you'll find it here. A trip to the farmers' market isn't just any trip to the market, and that's a good thing! For starters, you'll find fresher, seasonal foods picked at their peak, a wide variety of locally made products, not to mention it's a great place to run into neighbors or friends you haven't seen in you get to shop outside on a lovely day - doesn't get better than this!

And, just like Go Buy Local keeps it local by supporting businesses in your town and helps you save with local deals and earn donations for schools and causes you love - you'll save at the farmer's market on everything from cost of your favorite produce to fuel, while keeping money in your community. The reason? The middle man and travel costs are all but eliminated. It's said that consumers save 91% of the time over shopping "indoors" - imagine that!

Keep Your Money Local

Just like Go Buy Local empowers communities with services to build holistic sustainability, farmers' markets are essentially your buy local "one-stop shop", bringing all aspects of a community together. As the growers and producers come into urban areas from rural areas, a civic engagement occurs that would otherwise have no reason to exist!

And the money stays, which, is crucial to the vitality of your town, city, or wherever you call home. In fact, 90% of money exchanged at an average farmers' market stays in the community!

Bring The Farm To Your Fork

Find local farmers' markets near you at!

Find local farmers' markets near you at!

Excited about your next - or first - trip to the farmer's market? Get ready to do good for your community...and feel good about bringing locally grown food "from the farm to your fork"! Not sure where to find a farmer's market in your area? We've got you covered! Find farms and farmers' markets near you at, buy locally grown vegetables, flowers, meats, honey, fruit, cheese, and more this Spring - and let's work together to build a sustainable tomorrow!