Last week Christie, at the CHI List, decided to stop into a locally owned gem of a store, Bibelot [recently featured on Go Buy Locals Blog]. As she was checking the cute store out she came across these bracelets by Bops! Then Christie read that a % of Bops revenue and time goes to empowering women entrepreneurs across that globe, OK yes! She would take a few!

How cute right [photo above]?!? Christie is a giver, so she bought one for herself, and she bought a few extra to do a Instagram giveaway [@thechi_list].

Christie requested for her followers to tag a #mplsbossbabe and comment on how they were chasing their entrepreneurial dream! For Christie, it was so much fun reading and discovering so many of our very own Twin Cities dream chasers! Congratulations to, Kjersten of @her.spirit and Jeanna of @fiercelyfetching!

Let's read more about their stories...

Lucky winner #1: Kjersten is starting a distillery called Her Spirit in STP/MPLS and also giving back to women entrepreneurs! Creating a legacy of doing good, one drink at a time. Is Her Spirit's motto. Her Spirits will be revealed in 2017 everywhere YOU ask for it #AskForHer. Let’s all cheers to that! [IG: @her.spirit]


Lucky winner #2: ``I believe everyone can be fierce, you don’t need a special occasion to pop the bubbly & sweating is a good thing.`` is Jeanna motto! She is a fabulous lifestyle blogger. When she started blogging, it was just for fun to fill a creative void that was missing from her life. But now, after a few years of Fiercely Fetching, she doesn't know what to do without it! [IG: @fiercelyfetching]

How motivating, right? This was a lot of fun and Christie was so glad she had the opportunity to read and connect with so many creative boss babes! 

Don't forget, #dogoodtwincities because it takes you to start the trend!

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